Friday, August 21, 2009

A trip to the Zoo

So being the college student that I am I decided not study one day, but rather go with Kristen up to see our good friends Spencer and Laura up in Salt Lake. We had decided to go to the Hogle Zoo after a generous breakfast they made for us. I must say they were also patient since we were about an hour late getting there... oops. I, being my smart logical self, decided to wear a BYU shirt for our trip to the zoo which was located right near the U of U. I spent the remainder of my day observing the animals trying to stay sane in their cages and those regarding me and my shirt in disgust. I was very entertained as it seemed that both blue and red filled the zoo. But the minor distraction of loyalty did not deter us from enjoying the animals we went to see.

Our future pet... isn't he precious... I somehow don't think Kristen would find him so cute as he lays on our couch. I think he's got the lounging thing down though.

The baby giraffe, Kristen and Laura had a good time walkin back and forth tryin to get a good shot of this little guy,

We couldn't decide what happened to the bear... the mo-hawk thing with his fur was pretty entertaining...

Kristen had a great time with the small monkeys and proceeded to tell me we should get one... I would definately rather hear our future daughter, hypothetically, ask for a pony rather than a monkey. As it turned out, Kristen pretty much wanted any small animal that looked cute, so unfortunately when I asked for a Leopard she said no. We saw various monkeys, a Tiger, snow leapords, snakes, alligators, frogs, camels, a gorilla, bears, cougars, rhino's, elephants, zebra, penguins, even a baby giraffe, etc. The trip was fun, but definitely hot. We found ourselves lingering around mist spray machines provided at various locations around the zoo. We had a lot of fun watching the penguins as they swam around and darted through the water after each other and fish.

Here they go, follow the leader...

They all seemed to move in groups, unsure of moving too far without others approval first

It was entertaining at first to watch one penguin observe the rising water level of the pond they use... all of the others watched him as he waited moved back and forth as if encouraging others to join him while still deciding if the water was inviting enough himself. He finally jumped in and started swimming, after that most of the other penguins jumped in after him... guess it was safe since he did it. It funny if life how similar we all are... don't want to do something unless someone else does it first cause then ya know thats it's all ok... the penguin band wagon.

Wildcat... he was hiding in a little cave area, but one of the few big cats that was even remotely awake...

I guess we didn't get the sleep schedule for the cats... they were all pretty much asleep.

This was the only gorilla, he just wandered around and headed for a door opening at one point as if he was telling us that he knew it was meal time and he was hungry. The food didn't arrive though so he walked over to some shade and crashed...

Good times at the Zoo.

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