Friday, August 21, 2009

The Fat Kid, family, Park City ... a memorable combination.

The tale of two sizes... I was always known as chicken legs and stick boy growing up because, I can admit, I pretty much stand on toothpicks for legs. I have learned however that my size and slender shape can be deceiving. That is how it was when Kristen and I made a trip to Park City to visit my brother and sister-in-law, Matt and Dayna. They were very generous in inviting us to come see them while they had some alone time from their wonderful children, Joel and Emme.

We decided to go get some food when we arrived, but the decision as to where to go was a whole different issue (as is the case when food is discussed in our families). We finally decided on a popular pizza place not far down the road and when we arrived I saw the Fat Kid. I knew there was going to be trouble the moment Kristen explained what the Fat Kid was doing... challenging me. I had already decided I would not back down, and so we accepted the challenge. I proceeded to show the Fat Kid that despite my slender appearance somehow my stomache can expand in places I don't know exist. I was told that my performance against the food which consisted of... about half or maybe a little more of the Fat Kid ( it's a 20" pizza with Pepperoni, Ricotta, and Spinach... despite my confident demeanor at the table it was bigger than I expected, but tasted great), half of my brother's philly steak and cheese sandwich (which was large... I basically had my own sandwich), almost half of Dayna's chicken... sandwich (also a good size sandwich which would have been smaller, but as it turned out Kristen only wanted a bite... for a taster), a healthy portion of fries, and most anything else that was not wanted to be eaten at the time... was shocking and maybe a little disturbing since I didn't feel that the food slowed me down at all. I would say that I won that bout and even impressed Kristen, who was only slightly surprised... though now I am questioning why I am informing you all about this... I just sound like a pig. Oh well...

We had a lot of fun up in Park City with Matt and Dayna. We were going to go miniature golfing but things didn't quite turn out to be what we had anticipated... it was more of a compact mini course you could pack up and take with you on trips for kids to play with, like connect the dots or something, we were all relatively disappointed... so we ended up going to a movie instead and chillin after. The day was great and we had no worries, though we were unable to show off our mad-Tiger putting skills... maybe next time. We stayed in Park City for a few hours, talked and laughed. We shared one of our traditions with them as we all got Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Apples, something we do just about every time we are in Park City. We then decided that we should get back to Provo before it got too late, the joys of early morning meetings.

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