Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breaking the trend... posting again

Kylie Waving to the World, the world is her stage is if you didn't know. She will entertain you by dancing, singing, clapping, and telling you when she is finished and it is your time to leave. I am getting more and more used to the last one.

Kristen and I went out for our training runs today as soon as Kylie was ready to jump in the stroller. We were trying to avoid the rainy storm that was predicted to come in the late morning to midday. One of us succeeded and one of did not. I cannot blame Kylie nor Kristen though it would be nice to say it was somebody else's fault. I got about 4 to 5 miles into my run when the rain started and then a mile or two later it felt like winter started anew. By the end of the run all I wanted was a warm shower and dry clothes. I must thank my mom for encouraging me to get a waterproof running hat, which did its job and get the water out of my eyes, but oops I forgot a poncho for the rest of my body. I was red, soaked, and felt great despite it all. I am seriously becoming one of those crazy sick running fools..., must be my parents fault, I can say that because they are not here to defend themselves.

Kylie's poor little face during her sick week. Doesn't it just make you wanna cry?

The last week was interesting. Struggles right and left, but by the end of the week still hopeful. Kylie has been sick and has had a hard time sleeping. She seems to be getting better and returning to her happy self, though that is becoming a problem since she is beginning to use anything and everything as a stepping stool to climb wherever she wants to go. The little child is a monkey in a little girl's body. She still say "elo" and "bu bye" and we are trying to teach her "luv you". She talks up a storm when awake and is officially addicted to High School Musical. She loves to dance and clap whenever the movie is on. I had never seen it before this week, but would probably mark my tally around 5 each for HSM 1 and 2. I think I am starting to memorize the songs just because it is on all the time. I guess we all do special things for those who are sick and feeling down, anything to bring a smile right?

Kylie decided she wanted to crawl in the clothes, guess she thought that bath time is so much fun maybe she was missing out on something called laundry time too.

Kristen is doing great. She helps both Kylie and I a ton, too bad she has two babies to deal with, I warned her before we got married. It is out of my hands now, ... I cannot find my bottle, I am sure Kristen knows where it is. She helped me find my brain earlier this week, that would be a sad thing to lose wouldn't it? I must brag a little too, Kristen made me steak and potatoes for Valentine's Day, it was amazing. Kristen is also addicted to the National Geographic Documentaries, either she is addicted or she is just finding some break from High School Musical, either way she watches them often. Kristen and Kylie have also been having more girl time shopping together, though Kylie gets the sweet deal and can just sit in her carriage while Kristen does the work.

Shopping out on the town. Better for Kristen and Kylie to do this together, I am not much of a shopper anyway.

Guess that is the exciting part of our week, bet you wish you were here with us. Just kidding, Kylie is slowly taking over the entire apartment and we did not have much extra space to begin with so it might not be too comfortable here with us. But if you bring some Pepsi you are always welcome.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's a long road, hitting the pavement again...

Well it is time for our one post for this semester, hopefully that is a joke despite the recent history saying otherwise. I have realized that most of my life has revolved around pavement lately. I have studied pavement, worked on pavement, exercised on pavement, and fallen on pavement. I guess it is about time I post about my pavement thoughts.

To avoid too much embarrassment I will not talk too much about my studying and interest in the actual pavement. Some people might think that it is a little weird, such as my parents and siblings. Other people find it sick and confusing why I like to exercise on the pavement as well and everyone probably assumes it is sad that I fall on the pavement. I just cannot win I guess. The worst part is that I tripped on my own shoe laces and down I went. At least the pavement and I have a special bond. Though that bond still did not soften the impact, dang guess I offended the pavement gods.

Kristen and I are training for the Ogden half and full marathon respectively. The race is May 21st. We are pretty excited and a bit nervous. Kristen will be awesome and I hope she enjoys the run. The race is well designed and very beautiful. I hope I survive the full marathon, made it through one last year, but I was not very proud of my effort nor my outcome. I jumped into a jogging and weight training class this semester in order to force myself to get off my butt. Nothing like knowing that I cannot get a refund for the race to motivate myself to actually exercise, dang I must be lazy. Well at least my friend, the pavement, and I get to spend hours together talking about our days and the weather. Don't you wish you had a friend as dependable as concrete and asphalt.