Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mother and Daughter

So Kristen has had a hard time when she has had to go to work the last few weeks. She has been great about it, but she treasures her time with Kylie and Kylie always loves a good mommy daughter snuggle time. Kylie was a little unhappy this week after getting her 2 month shots and has made us aware of her displeasure each night. It has been sad since she has had a harder time sleeping and seems to have more nightmares... though a lot of adults have nightmares of shots too, right? Kristen and Kylie are often very tired so they have nap time together, the picture below is them at this moment while I am typing... she actually doesn't know I am on the blog right now.

We went up to Park City last week for fun and stopped by the outlet mall. We looked at numerous stores and found some fun stuff, though we only left the shops with clothes bought for Kylie. I imagine that will be a common thing as she continues to grow. It was a fun day and Kristen was very excited to find a swim suit for Kylie which she informed me was the highlight of our day. We also found some baby jeans that Kristen had been wanting for a few weeks now... some photos of these are shown below.

Hey guys, I have a question... Do you like my new hat? Hey guys,... guys, what do you think?

Hey guys, guys... what about my new swim suit?

and my jeans? Guys, what do you think... do these jeans make me look fat?