Friday, June 4, 2010

My long day... just exhausting.

So I want to tell you about my day... here we go....

So I was rudely awoken this morning by my parents. I guess they don't like to sleep in... little do they know I will wake them up from their sleep soon enough. I had to eat and then try to be entertained by my parents. My dad seems to think that dancing to Pandora radio is my favorite thing... I do it to make him feel good, though he really doesn't have a clue. My mom loves snuggle time and having girl talks... I am not sure if she realizes that I really can't talk yet, but she has fun.

I was then forced to go shopping with mom and taken on a 4 mile walk in this stroller. I had to sit in a lounged position and sleep for the majority of the walk while mom pushed me. I was so tired of trying to tell her where to go I decided sleep was the best option for both of us.

When I woke up dad was there and looked like a lobster... guess running for a few hours will do that, the dude forgot to where sunscreen, what did he honestly expect? I was then fed, sat outside on the lawn, and bathed before winding down for the night. I love bath time with mommy.

Have you ever had two things you wanted to eat at the same time? I could not decide...

So I tried to eat both hands at once... for some reason I saw things going differently in my mind.

While we were outside I was able to talk to grammy though, I tried to tell her that my parents need help...

but she didn't hear me.

I don't know about you, but that was an exhausting day.

So guys, what do you think...?

New friends, books, and how does this work...?

Well Kylie has been investigating everything around her the last week. She is a little Kylie Holmes you could say, though I don't think she will challenging anyone to a fight anytime soon. She has met a few new friends shown below, though one of her friends, Mr. Frog, was so intriguing that while Kylie was sitting on the couch with Mr. Frog in front of her she reached out and grabbed him with both hands. It seemed like she had not thought too far ahead though, because when Mr. Frog ended up near her face after she brought her arms back she decided he was invading her space and had a frantic look on her face before the quick short breaths led to a scream. Mr. Frog understood and dad moved him away. Don't you think it can be pretty dramatic when your friend gets a little closer than they are supposed to and then won't move? Even with friends and family there are boundaries... Kylie is defining hers.

Hi guys... what's your name? I am Kylie....

Kylie also met her fuzzy friends in which she had a long conversation with in her crib. She either liked her noisy bug friends or she was freaked out by their big eyes... either way she would stare at them for a while.

What are you? You look funny and make funny sounds...

What happens if I grab your head?

Her favorite new find though has been her feet. She loves to stare at them and watch them move, especially when they are covered in ducks.... Kylie has a few books in her library and has read all of them with us so far, though her favorite is definitely "I Love You, Stinky Face."

This book is so great... I love this picture.

How does this page turning thing work?

We have been reading it about once a day this week. She even reads it herself... though the english is still coming along, we like to think she speaks her own language like I used to when I was young. Though my trouble with speaking lasted a little longer than I think hers will.

What is this dad? How does this work? You guys use it a lot, but I don't get it...

What happens if I do this...?