Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Car Issues...

So, our car is a great car. But we learned some very valuable lessons about it on our little trip up to Washington. We learned that our car is a lot like me... it hates the cold and refuses to work when it gets too cold. =) The weather was so cold that our windshield wiper fluid didn't work and we would have to stop when the windshield got so dirty that we couldn't really see 20 feet in front of us and spray it with water to clean it off. These stops were quite cold and frustrating because at first, we didn't know this little bit about our car we just wanted it to work so that I wouldn't be cold outside and get just as cranky and stubborn as the car.

The morning we were supposed to drive back home to Utah, we went out to start the car and get it warmed up so that we could head out, and much to our dismay, it wouldn't start. Kind of like me in the mornings before I go to work. Seriously, it was ridiculous. Maybe it will help me realize that my sleeping habits need to change in order to get things done... probably not. =) The temperatures had dropped around 30 degrees over night and the car didn't really like it. We pushed the car to the bottom of the icy driveway to get it jumped and realized that there was too much snow to even get a car next to us. The boys, Dave and my dad had to dig out a stop in the 3-4 feet of snow to get our car up and running. We finally woke it up and let it run for a while before we even tried to do anything with it so as not to make it angry again. =) But, as you all know, we made it back and got back to real life again.

Weather... =(

Well, as many of you probably already know, because you heard me complain about it so much, the weather was very cold, and very snowy. My parents got 2 feet of snow, pretty much over night, just a few days before we left to go there. When we got there, late on a Saturday night, it was probably hovering around 0 degrees and as soon as I stepped out of the cozy car, I started to freeze.

I wanted to go and play but it was much too cold and I was afraid that I would get stuck, remember that my legs aren't exactly long, by any means. I went to get something out of the trunk of our car and the snow went up to the middle of my thigh... it's probably for the best that I didn't go play. The temperature stayed pretty cold most of the time and it seemed like we got hit with storm after storm as the days went on. Here is the effect of just one of those storms a day or two after Christmas...

It's pretty crazy how much snow can accummulate in such a short amount of time...


Well, Dave and I had a wonderful Christmas break up in Washington! It was way too cold and way too snowy but being around my family just made it all worth it. A lot of the time that we were there, we were snowed in, but made good use of our time... I think... We watched movies, played Rock Band, tons of card games, read multiple books, and just hung out. I even brought myself to work out on a couple of the days (keep in mind "couple" means 2... and that is all I did).

My brother and sister in law loved Rock Band and wanted to play a lot. Which was fine by me =) I'm not so good at the drums but I really enjoy playing it. I thought that it was great that my 8 months pregnant sister in law, Kristin, was even willing to play over her belly! Pretty impressive! And don't miss my other sister in law, the newest addition to our family, Ashley, rocking out on the drums! She is amazing!!

All I could think of to get Dave for Christmas this year was all practical stuff... how boring for him... but he did seem to enjoy them anyways, so at least that's a good sign. Dave, much to my surprise, bought my a new camera!! I am still taking pictures of everything i can =) I really love it! He also got me some wonderful fuzzy socks and a new coat and fuzzy jacket and some wonderful other gifts that I will probably talk about at some point or another in here. =)

Dave and I had the privilege to help put together a fancy kitchen for our niece and nephew on Christmas morning. About 2 hours and lots of tiny parts later, it was done!! And they loved it!! Note: look at the wonderful face on my nephew Dylan... It cracks me up! =)

It was a very relaxing Christmas day and very fun to get to see and spend time with everyone!


Ok, so I have been meaning to write a ton on here pretty much since we left on our Christmas break but haven't been able to do it yet... Well, the time has finally come... there will be multiple posts, and I am even going to post pictures... but please, hold your applause til the end... =)