Saturday, November 1, 2008

WORKing Like Mad...

Well, from my title, you might be thinking a few different things... either my job has all of a sudden picked up and I am beyond busy that I don't know what to do with myself, or I have been cleaning the house like crazy(not likely... I am way too tired for that=)). But, no, that is not what this is about... =) As some of you already know, Dave applied for a job as a Research Assistant for a grad student here at BYU. But we didn't hear anything for over a week and figured that the position was already filled. However, Dave had an interview with a professor and the grad student on Monday and was offered the position less than an hour later! YEAH!!! =)

So, as far as I know(which isn't too much, he hasn't started yet), he will be working about 10-15 hours a week doing different experiments and tests with and for the grad student to help him with his research for his thesis(hence, the name "Research Assistant"). He will also get to learn a lot from this position about being a grad student and everything that he has to do for it. One thing, that I thought was REALLY cool, is that his name will actually be on the published piece of work done by this grad student and Dave will be named as a Co-Author! Pretty Amazing!!

I am so proud of Dave and everything that he is able to do. I couldn't imagine having to do the things that he does just about everyday. He is truly a wonderful example to me and I am so excited to spend ETERNITY with him!! I am such a proud wife! =) I love you so much, Honey!! You are so amazing!! =)