Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Entertaining the Parents... always demanding my time.

So each day I wake up and within minutes am face to face with either mom or dad. They don't even let me do my own thing, though I can't quite watch cartoons by myself yet and don't fully understand that cereal thing... guess I will stick to the milk for a while still. After breakfast I always request a new diaper... they really don't seem to remember how uncomfortable these things can become. I am then faced with the task of entertaining them. The day continues like this... sleep, eat, diaper change, entertain, sleep, etc. so by the time night comes you can only imagine how exhausted I am. They finally give me a break and let me sleep for the night.

I have almost had to call my grandparents to get a break from this routine, but can't quite figure out the way those toys work and they don't taste that great. I started rolling over and moving around on the floor more just to give them some new entertainment hoping I would get more "me time", boy was that a mistake. Now instead of more "me time" I get more "do it again time". They put me on my tummy then on my back then on my tummy then on my back... you get the picture. If it wasn't for gravity I would not know which direction is up or down.

Luckily after I am done entertaining I let gravity do its thing and fall face first into the floor, doesn't take too long before they pick me up and let me do something else. Parents are so easily trained.

Could you get that for me? I was trying to escape this chair to reach my toys but can't quite make it....

Do you see what I see? They are still watching me aren't they.

Well I think I am done at about this point... only one thing left to do.

Guess how long it took them to pick me up... works like a charm, little did they know I was breathing fine and comfortable as could be.

Sometimes I like to time them... they lay me down for a nap and then when they leave I pull my blanket up into my face and then when the moment is right I cry just to see how long til they come check on me. I also like to change it up too, instead of pulling the blanket up I like to kick off the blankets and play with my feet waiting until they come ensure I am asleep... when they see me still awake and I am supposed to be asleep their faces are priceless. I was eating the other day when I decided that dad was not putting the bottle where I wanted it so I took it from him to show him just where it should be... he still didn't get it, instead he grabbed the camera. I decided I will just have to do it myself.

Just trying to get comfortable for my nap.

Ahh, that's the good stuff.

Napping with grandpa, dad keeps telling me I look like a frog when I nap... what a weirdo.

Earlier today mom asked me to read her a story so I was about to read my favorite book, but she insisted that I read her book. So I spent the next bit reading to her.

To recap some earlier times this summer. I spent time with my cousin Lexi and grandma Young. I saw grandpa and grammy Wilkinson. I went to a family reunion in Spokane. I went to a 4th of July parade in Perry, Utah. Below are some pictures of my adventures.

I had no idea the drive to Spokane was going to be that long... I think mom and dad left that part out when we discussed the trip.

Checking out the Freedom Festival in Provo.

Watching the fireworks with mom... I tried talking to the fireworks, but they didn't respond.

Playing with my cousin Lexi at grandma's.

Chilling at the Perry Parade.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The week of fun...

So the week of July 19th to 24th was a new experience for Kristen and me. I had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota for research work while Kristen spent the week working and playing with her mom and Kylie. I left early Monday morning and spent 4 of the 6 days driving in a van pulling a trailer full of testing equipment. Kristen, mom, and Kylie went and saw the new Twilight movie and spent time with family and friends. They also spent the week decorating Kylie's room... it looks great doesn't it?

While they were busy I was relaxing at a hotel... just kidding, we were busy and efficient with our time until Thursday afternoon when we finished our bridge deck testing. Some of us went to see Inception at the local theater in Hinckley, Minnesota. Here are some photos of the the bridge. I saw one of the coolest storms in my life on our drive to Minnesota.

Stopped for gas and had to take some pictures, never thought we would stop in Minden, Iowa. Photo courtesy of Shar Montgomery, friend and fellow research assistant.

Photo taken by David Wilson on the trip to Minnesota.

Our crew eating at Culver's in Nebraska.

Kylie is now rolling over... well, when she decides she wants to. She has informed us that she will not perform on command, 4 months old and already understanding that she is boss. Sounds, like things might get interesting later on.