Sunday, August 1, 2010

The week of fun...

So the week of July 19th to 24th was a new experience for Kristen and me. I had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota for research work while Kristen spent the week working and playing with her mom and Kylie. I left early Monday morning and spent 4 of the 6 days driving in a van pulling a trailer full of testing equipment. Kristen, mom, and Kylie went and saw the new Twilight movie and spent time with family and friends. They also spent the week decorating Kylie's room... it looks great doesn't it?

While they were busy I was relaxing at a hotel... just kidding, we were busy and efficient with our time until Thursday afternoon when we finished our bridge deck testing. Some of us went to see Inception at the local theater in Hinckley, Minnesota. Here are some photos of the the bridge. I saw one of the coolest storms in my life on our drive to Minnesota.

Stopped for gas and had to take some pictures, never thought we would stop in Minden, Iowa. Photo courtesy of Shar Montgomery, friend and fellow research assistant.

Photo taken by David Wilson on the trip to Minnesota.

Our crew eating at Culver's in Nebraska.

Kylie is now rolling over... well, when she decides she wants to. She has informed us that she will not perform on command, 4 months old and already understanding that she is boss. Sounds, like things might get interesting later on.


Calli said...

Kylie's room look super cute! (O:

Carrie said...

Dave, next time we are decorationg YOUR room! Want to stay with the pink and green and brown theme?

The Fredericks said...

Kristen - love her room! i want to see it in person!
Dave - i'm from Iowa! and yes, i do know know where minburn is! :) luckily, i'm from a much bigger place!