Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, Dave and I had a wonderful Christmas break up in Washington! It was way too cold and way too snowy but being around my family just made it all worth it. A lot of the time that we were there, we were snowed in, but made good use of our time... I think... We watched movies, played Rock Band, tons of card games, read multiple books, and just hung out. I even brought myself to work out on a couple of the days (keep in mind "couple" means 2... and that is all I did).

My brother and sister in law loved Rock Band and wanted to play a lot. Which was fine by me =) I'm not so good at the drums but I really enjoy playing it. I thought that it was great that my 8 months pregnant sister in law, Kristin, was even willing to play over her belly! Pretty impressive! And don't miss my other sister in law, the newest addition to our family, Ashley, rocking out on the drums! She is amazing!!

All I could think of to get Dave for Christmas this year was all practical stuff... how boring for him... but he did seem to enjoy them anyways, so at least that's a good sign. Dave, much to my surprise, bought my a new camera!! I am still taking pictures of everything i can =) I really love it! He also got me some wonderful fuzzy socks and a new coat and fuzzy jacket and some wonderful other gifts that I will probably talk about at some point or another in here. =)

Dave and I had the privilege to help put together a fancy kitchen for our niece and nephew on Christmas morning. About 2 hours and lots of tiny parts later, it was done!! And they loved it!! Note: look at the wonderful face on my nephew Dylan... It cracks me up! =)

It was a very relaxing Christmas day and very fun to get to see and spend time with everyone!


Heather said...

Yah for Kristen! I am so happy that you finally posted. :) I am applauding right now. ;) Sounds like you had a fun, family filled, VERY COLD Christmas break. Sorry about the cold. I think I hate the cold/snow as much as you do. Glad you guys made it back safe. Thanks again for the posts!

Kristin said...

wow, you are posting like crazy! that's my girl! I look pretty ridiculous with the belly under the guitar! good thing it's gone now! thanks for setting up the kitchen, they play with it for literally hours everyday!!

Carrie said...

We loved having you here! I am not sure we will ever convince Ashley that this was unusual snow year. We may not get her back during the winter months! LOVE YOU!

Nathan and Ashley said...

Carrie, you're just lucky we didn't get much snow in Rexburg before we came up. I'm willing to be convinced that it was an unusual snow year, I'll just have to come up for another winter :) It probably would have been a good idea if I actually had gotten ready on Christmas day. I look so pale and sickly.