Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer's here... or was...

Well isn't it nice to see that summer is almost he.. or wait... dang, its just our blog that thinks summer is almost here judging by our last post... Guess we are a little behind. This is the first time I, Dave, will have posted on our blog so bear with me.
Kristen and I are both doing well. There have been several things that we should have posted and will post about, but thats where all of your wonderful understanding and caring... did I suck up enough for forgiveness yet? Moving on... I hope the post makes sense since I don't really know what I am doing, though one may ask if I ever have... not likely. I am one of those who goes about life with a smile and a nod. Because really does it look like I know what I am doin...?

We have done quite a bit though this summer such as, made a trip up to Washington where we hung out with family and did some bouldering etc.,
had some family get togethers in Utah, made it through work and classes, resolved our car issues, went to the zoo, ate a Fat Kid, learned to play Castle Crashers from Joel, realized Kristen wants a cat or should I say kitten and a Yorky, Kristen survived not having channel 13 and found her show SYTYCD, I got tutoring lessons from my niece for Hydraulics (lucky she was there, she helped me pass the class), watched friends leave happy valley while I consoled Kristen telling her that someday we would grow up too...(while still gazing into the dark abyss that is future classes knowing that someone said my day would come too), got more responsibilities... whats up with that too? Just because someone gets older its assumed they are wiser?
Definitely something wrong with that thought process, 'cause they have not met me yet... though I must say Kristen is livin up to it so maybe I am the "exception" to the rule. I can live with that. We also had the chance to help friends move... I don't think I have been asked to help move so many pianos in one summer... not that I moved them much, generally I got moved by them and acted more as a cushion between the piano and the wall or gate or door... you get the picture. The piano in Washington was a fun one though... definitely one to remember.

Well thats enough for the first post... the details will come in the near future.


Kristin said...

I am a FAN of the Dave posts! You crack me up! Excited for what comes next!

Carrie said...

Love the post. You are a natural!

Chari said...

Looks like its been a busy summer, thanks for the help with the piano!!

Jenn said...

love it! about time for an update - i hold you responsible david :)
obviously we need to live closer so we can participate in all the fun!!
miss you guys