Sunday, May 31, 2009

California... Here I come!!

So, Dave COMPLETELY surprised me with a trip to California for my birthday! It was right around finals when he sent me... Probably so I wouldn't be home to distract him... =) We were planning on going to Salt Lake one Friday night in April so Dave came to my work to pick me up and go. I was sitting at my desk and he came up and sat next to me. He handed me a couple sheets of paper and said that he had some ideas of what we could do in Salt Lake. I looked at the first paper and it was a picture of the beach, the next one was Disneyland... I was thinking to myself, "Did Disneyland just decide to move to Salt Lake without me knowing?" Then, the last paper was a flight itinerary for me to California. I looked at him and said, "Is this some kind of joke? Because it's not funny!"

Well, it wasn't a joke, much to my delight and I flew out 2 hours later... I flew in to Long Beach, CA, by far the smallest airport I had ever seen, the baggage claim was actually outside, and Jen picked me up.

We went to Rodeo Drive the next morning and felt so out of place we couldn't even bring ourselves to go in the stores... I think they were just a little too down scale for us... =) It was kinda fun to see all the fancy cars and everything. I was rudely reminded by the people there that I would never own anything like that in my entire life. =)

We also went to the beach 2 days in a row, to work on my tan. Within 10 minutes of being there, I pretty sure there was sand in and on everything! Lexi especially... Her bath after the playing at the beach looked like she brought the whole thing home with her! I had a blast playing with Jen and Lexi on the beach! Well, the whole time actually... =) Lexi loved the water so much!! Once she went up one time, we couldn't get her to stay up at the towels for more than a few minutes without serious repercussions. =)

We also spent a little time in Hollywood, the best place on earth!! It is actually quite a bit more dirty than you see in the movies... How did real life become so much dirtier than the movies?! I thought everything was supposed to be perfect?! =) It was kinda cool to see all the cool theaters there and everything. It is amazing sometimes to see all the random things that people think of, how, I am not entirely sure. Much to my dismay, and Jen's, we found out later that night that HUGH JACKMAN was in Hollywood the same day we were!! Just a few hours earlier!! I couldn't believe it when I heard it!! Sorry honey, but he is very attractive... =) Also, while in Hollywood, we went to a cool shopping mall that had a big fountain in the middle that came right out of the ground... Dave couldn't seem to keep Lexi out of it... Or was it the other way around? =) By the end of that play session, Lexi and Dave were pretty wet!

Then, we just kinda hung out and I got to relax from real life for a while. Thanks Jen for letting me invade your house for a week and putting up with me the whole time! And Thanks Honey for being so great!! You are amazing!! =)

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Becky said...

KRISTEN! That is super cute! You have a great man.