Friday, March 6, 2009

Valentine's Day

Ok, I know what you are all thinking... I am way behind... I always wait until I have so much to blog about that I don't have time to do it all. We went and saw Twilight at the dollar theater and just hung out most of the day. We had pizza and watched a movie. I even got Dave some french pastries to try and surprise him but apparently he knows everything, even when no one tells him. I should just give up trying to surprise him. I am a terrible liar anyway... But, I had some pictures of our wonderful Valentine's Day dinner and thought I would share them. =)
I slaved all day on this Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza... =)

And I actually set the table and lit some candles...

it adds to the "romance" of the holiday so I hear... =)

So yeah, that about wraps up our spectacular Valentine's plans. I know, I know, we are so exciting that you guys can't handle it. But try... =)


Kristin said...

I'm impressed with the pizza you "made"! Haha! And the byu game post looked so fun. You crazy people!

Anonymous said...

hahahh You are so cute! I love the heart shaped pizza!

Brad and Tiffany said...

I had no idea you guys had a blog! I'm so excited that I know about it now. Hope you are both doing well!