Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our basketball adventures of the winter...

Well where to begin... as many of you know I, Dave, have enjoyed playing basketball for years. I am not a great player by any sense of the imagination, but I enjoy a good game. I usually played on Saturday mornings with some friends to keep myself in half-decent shape during the school semesters. Back in December I woke up one Saturday to do just that and little did I know that I would be playing in a game, I will never forget, and if I do... we have pictures to remind me. I was playing defense and proceeded to block the shooters elbow with my face. I know he wasn't expecting that quick defensive maneuver and so I proceeded to fall to the floor allowing him time to adjust to my defensive skills. I later realized that by blocking his elbow with my face, something I didn't anticipate happened. I thought nothing of it until Kristen told me we should go to the urgent care center at BYU. The Dr. there told us that nothing was wrong and I should just take it easy. I took his advice until later when I went to blow my nose and had a new sensation ... my face blew up like a balloon. I figured this was no problem, maybe other people have this too, right? After talking to another Dr. at the ER, I decided that might not be true. We were told that my face was broken and the bone under my eye had 3 fractures. It took some time to heal, but it did and everything is fine.

Later in January, I played intramurals with some friends and we ended up playing in the Division 3 playoffs. We had a relatively small team, but we were defensively minded and won some tight games despite forgetting how to make lay-ups. We made it to the championship game and our offensive and defensive leaders played great. We won that game and many of us earned our first championship shirt at BYU.

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