Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Awesome

Well, we just thought we should let you all know... WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!! =) Ok, so I know that we are about 4 months late in posting this, but hey, better late than never!! =) We have had some computer and internet problems so we never got this posted sooner. But anyways, it is a girl and she looks good!! We got to get the ultrasound on dvd and I think I watched it like 4 or 5 times that week. I still can't believe that she is in there sometimes. However, now, she is getting so big that we really can't deny that she is in there and she gets a "kick" out of kicking me in the bladder or ribs. =) Bad joke, I know. But the doctor keeps telling us that everything looks good and that she may even end up coming early... which, I'm not gonna lie, sounds just fine to me right now! =) I feel bad for Dave in the night when I wake up to pee all the time or just can't sleep... I'm sure he is just as excited for her to be out of me as I am! =) We are down to my weekly visits already... I can't believe the due date is 4 weeks away already!! I am trying to make sure that we have all the things that we really REALLY need still before she graces us with her presence... I am just not so good at knowing what we REALLY need. But, I'm working on it and can hopefully get the majority of it before she comes. We still have not decided on a name and probably won't until we see her at the hospital. At least we have some names that we like though... a whole list to choose from!! =)


Bonnie said...

Aww Kristen a GIRL!! How exciting! I know it's hard to sleep now, but it's even harder after, so sleep! MAke your hubby post pictures on here right away so we can see her!

Heather Marlene said...

how exciting. I love having a girl first... I thought I wanted a boy first, but Keely is just soooo helpful with everything. best of luck to you!