Sunday, January 18, 2009

Breaking Down...

Ok, so I have finally broken down and read the Twilight series... try not to be too surprised, everyone. So, I didn't ever think that it would be something that would interest me, but much to my dismay, I did kinda like them. It was a little too sappy at some points and it kinda made me wanna stop reading. I am now almost done with the 4th one. I started reading them a few days before I came back from Washington and have been trying to read them as fast as possible. I was kind of afraid to stop reading at a boring, sappy part in fear that I wouldn't ever pick it up and finish. But, SURPRISE!!! I am almost done. I already know what happens at the end of this one so I havent really been surprised with any of it. It was kinda nice to read it, already knowing the whole story beforehand.


Angie H. said...

Hey, I got your blog from Heather.

YA, for you! You were like me, I HATE!!!!! reading,didn't know I could. I wanted to find out what the fuss was all about,so I broke down and read all three in about 3 weeks. Then I had to wait about a year for the last one (that was torture.) I love Edward, I love the books!
Oh, Congrats on our new baby nephew!

Nathan & Ashley said...